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Sebastian Ferrando

I am involved in several research areas: convergence problems in ergodic theory, mathematical signal and image  processing, its software implementation and applications, some computational aspects of financial mathematics and some aspects of time series analysis.

The material made available here involves preprints and  technical reports. Please, if you need to cite this work refer to the published version or contact me if you are not sure. Several of the latest preprints and papers can be found at arxiv.org
and www.ssrn.com/en/

Financial Mathematics
Signal Analysis
  • Wave++ is a C++ library for adaptive wavelet analysis, a brief summary of the library can be downloaded here.
    For people interested in downloading the original version (V 1.0) of Wave++ (written in collaboration with L. Kolasa and N. Kovacevic), please visit Wave++. A short introduction to the library can be downloaded here
Ergodic Theory
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