Fall 2008

Instructor: Dr Dejan Delic
Office: ENG 228
Phone: 979-5000 ext 6971
Office hours:Tue 11-12, Wed 3-4, or by appointment

Textbook: Mathematical Logic For Computer Science (2nd Ed.) by Mordechai Ben-Ari (Springer, ISBN 1-852-33319-7) (corrections to this edition are available at the following web-page)

Other good texts covering some of the material in the course outline are :

  • Logic for Computer Scientists by Uwe Schoening
  • Logic, Programming, and Prolog (2nd Ed.) by Ulf Nilsson and Jan Maluszynski - available here
  • Logic for Mathematics and Computer Science by Stanley N. Burris

    Software: In this course we will introduce a programming language, Prolog, which has various implementations. The version presented in the textbook is based on the SWI Prolog implementation, which is free and available to download from SWI-Prolog project.

    The textbook site contains the Source Archive of all the Prolog programs used in the textbook. This zipped file is useful because it contains a lot of pre-defined predicates which can be used later and can save you a lot of time when doing your own projects in Prolog.

    An excellent on-line course in Prolog is Learn Prolog Now!.

    Assignments: There will be two or three assignments throughout the term. You will be given 2-3 weeks to complete them (late assignments are penalized by -20%/day). You can work in groups of two, but your assignment must contain your signatures testifying to the fact that everyone has participated in preparation equitably.

    Tests and final exam: There will be one midterm test tentatively scheduled for: week of October 20 (tentatively).

    Grading scheme:

  • Assignments: 25%
  • Midterm: 30%
  • Final exam: 45%

    Outline of the topics


    Lab Problems

    Lecture Slides

    For more information on homework, policy on dealing with missed tests, etc, please refer to the first day handout (PDF file).