Errata in "The Game of Cops and Robbers on Graphs"

Here is a list of known errors or misprints, and some fixes.

-          Page 13, last line: this should read c(G) > d^t.

-          Page 18, line -3: The index of the sum should include 0.

-          Theorem 6.1: X and Y should be omitted

-          Theorem 6.4: omit q

-          Proof of Theorem 6.11: when writing E(N(T)) and E(N_1(T), it should be E(|N(T)|) and E(|N_1(T)|), respectively.

-          On page 206, in the paragraph following Thm 8.18, there is the statement "It is NP-complete to determine the minimum domination number of a graph", and then a similar assertion appears in Thm 8.19. The first statement needs to be "It is NP-complete to determine if the domination number of a graph is at most a given integer k", and similarly for the second one.

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