Errata in "A Course on the Web Graph"

Here is a list of known errors or misprints, and some fixes.

-          Page xi in the Preface: The correct URL for the book is:

-          Page 5, line -8: "in a path" should be "in G"

-          Page 5, line -4: in the statement of Lemma 1.2, the inequality should be replaced by "...contains a cycle of length at least delta(G) + 1."

-          Page 8, Figure 1.3: alpha(G) = 2

-          Page 21, lines -6 and -5: a better definition would be that G is sparse if the average degree is O(|V(G)|).

-          Page 34, line 21: the correct reference is Exercise 22

-          Page 34, 2nd displayed equation: to be a probability, this term should be divided by 2 to the power of n choose 2.

-          Page 35, Theorem 3.1: it should be n > 1.

-          Page 37, item (2) of Theorem 3.3. The function f is real- not integer-valued. The definition of f(m) is missing a factor of 2^n. The final line should read "If m is a positive integer chosen so that ..."

-          Pages 39-40: in properties P2, P3, and P6, replace e(G) by e(V(G)).

-          Page 43, last displayed line: missing a factor of 2^n.

-          Page 174: in [64], the correct reference should be to 46 (1895) of Mathematische Annalen, 481-512


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