Grenfell Campus, Memorial University


Anthony Bonato
Ryerson University

Jared Howell
Grenfell Campus - Memorial University

Margaret-Ellen Messinger
Mount Allison University

Graph Searching in Canada (GRASCan) Workshop 2017

August 7 - August 8, 2017 at Grenfell Campus

We will be adding to this list shortly. If you wish to be invited to the conference, then please e-mail one of the Chairs.

Robert Bailey (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University)

Anthony Bonato (Ryerson University)

Nancy Clarke (Acadia University)

Danielle Cox (Mount Saint Vincent University)

Danny Dyer (Memorial University)

Jessica Enright (University of Stirling, UK)

Aras Erzurumluoglu (University of Ottawa)

Stephen Finbow (St. Mary's University)

Gena Hahn (Universite de Montreal)

Jared Howell (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University)

Bill Kinnersley (University of Rhode Island)

Jan Kratochvil (Charles University, Prague)

Fionn Mc inerney (Inria, France)

Rebecca Milley (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University)

Margaret-Ellen Messinger (Mount Allison University)

Kerry Ojakian (Bronx Community College (C.U.N.Y.), US)

David Pike (Memorial University)

Boting Yang (University of Regina)