Overview, Math & Its Applications

The Undergraduate Program in Mathematics and its Applications leads to a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

As with all other programs in science, students will be initially admitted into the Common First Year of the Science Program. This allows students to explore various science-based routes to degree completion before they commit to the Mathematics program. In addition to the BSc. foundational courses, the first year of studies will include an introduction to the use of computers as scientific tools, and an orientation course (SCI 180) that will support students in making a successful transition to university and planning their steps to degree completion.

All students in science programs must enroll in SCI 180 in their first semester of studies. Usually students declare their intention to pursue mathematics upon application, but some students remain undeclared upon entry. Undeclared students will then choose the mathematics program by their second year of study. During the second year students study a common core of mathematics and related courses. In their third and fourth years students continue to take mathematics courses from a list of electives, as well as broadening their program of study with a range of electives from outside of mathematics.

The program recognizes that a strong base in computer science is essential for the modern mathematician, and thus it includes three compulsory computer science courses (except for the option in Economics). For those students with a particular interest in the interrelationship between mathematics and Computer Science we offer an Option in Computer Science which provides the opportunity to take many more courses in that subject. For those who wish to explore the relationship between mathematics and economics we offer an Option in Economics.