Dr. Sebastian Ferrando

Biomathematics and Fluids

Our research team is currently focusing in areas such as computational biology, mathematical biology, boundary value problems and layer problems, interfacial instabilities in liquid films and blood flow.

For more information about the team and our research, visit Biomathematics and Fluids.

Financial Mathematics

Financial Mathematics

The Financial Mathematics group at Ryerson uses mathematical tools to develop and calibrate mathematical models for financial transactions. Such models have proven useful to better understand the nature of the risk, and to provide a unified platform to analyze markets.

For more information on our team and research projects, visit Financial Mathematics.

Dr. Sebastian Ferrando

Graphs at Ryerson

Graphs @ Ryerson (G@R) is a group of researchers and students working in pure and applied graph theory. Our research focuses on variety of topics, such as modelling complex networks, searching networks, combinatorial designs, infinite graphs, and random graphs.

For more information about the team and our current research projects and upcoming seminars, visit Graphs at Ryerson.

Student working in RAMLab


A leading objective of this state-of-the-art equipped laboratory is to encourage exchanges with the scientific community at large. We have a variety of multidisciplinary collaborations, with parties working on the development of mathematical models and numerical methods for applications to science and engineering.

Training undergraduate and graduate students from various programs as well as interested research assistants and summer students are also a key component of the lab. For more information visit the RAMLab.