Technical Reports 2013


13:01.A. Bonato, S. Finbow, P. Gordinowicz, A. Haidar, W. Kinnersley, D. Mitsche, P. Pralat, and L. StachoThe robber strikes back.

13:02. A. Bonato, D. Mitsche and P. Pralat. Vertex-pursuit in random directed acyclic graphs.

13:03. A. Bonato, B. Kinnersley, P. Gordinowicz, and P. Pralat. The capture time of the hypercube.

13:04. A. Bonato, A. Burgess. Cops and Robbers on graphs based on designs.

13:05. S. Ferrando, A. L. Gonzales, I. L. Degano, and M. Rahsepar. Discrete Non Probabilistic Market Model. Arbitrage and Pricing.

13:06. M. Escobar, B. Rudolph and R. Zagst.. Estimation of Stochastic Covariance Models using a Continuum of Moment Conditions.

13:07. M. Escobar, D. Krause and R. Zagst.. Stochastic Covariance and Dimension Reduction in the Pricing of Basket Options.


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