About the Applied Mathematics Laboratory

Applied Mathematics (AM) is a fascinating and ever-expanding branch of Mathematics with a rich history of interdisciplinary achievements. Nowadays AM is a very active area of research with many young faculty members and research students in the Greater Toronto Area. Modern technology, specially computer science, has been a tremendous driving force in recent developments in AM as it has allowed researchers to tackle problems which one was only able to dream of a few decades ago.

A leading objective of this laboratory is to encourage exchanges with the scientific community at large. It is characterized by the variety of its multidisciplinary collaborations, with parties working on the development of mathematical models and numerical methods for applications to science and engineering. Special emphasis is granted to the areas of fluid dynamics, financial mathematics, biology, complex networks and signal processing, using a wide variety of mathematical tools (optimization, numerical analysis, dynamical systems, etc).

RamLab is a place made not only for research but also for training; supervising undergraduate and graduate students from various programs as well as interested research assistants and summer students are a priority. The state-of-the-art equipment available at RAMLab was gratefully financed by NSERC through a "Research Tools and Instruments" Grant. We would like to thank the Dean of FEAS, Dr. Stalin Boctor, for supporting the creation of RAMLab and helping us to make it a reality.