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Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Dr. Anthony Bonato Professor ENG238 7949
Dr. Peter Danziger Professor, On Sabbatical ENG223 7413
Dr. Dejan Delic   Professor, Chair ENG219 4912
Dr. Michelle Delcourt Assistant Professor VIC709 3755
Dr. Sebastian Ferrando Professor, On Sabbatical ENG235 7415
Dr. Niushan Gao Assistant Professor EPH421 2139
Dr. Konstantinos Georgiou Assistant Professor ENG250 7400
Dr. Dzung Minh Ha Associate Professor. Interim Chair: Undergraduate Studies ENG231 6963
Dr. Jonah Horowitz Assistant Professor VIC748 3176
Dr. Silvana Ilie Associate Professor,
Chair: Graduate Studies
ENG221 4870
Dr. Chul Kim
Associate Professor ENG233 7064
Dr. Lawrence Kolasa Associate Professor ENG225 4871
Dr. Kunquan Lan Professor ENG229 6962
Dr. You Liang Assistant Professor VIC707 NA
Dr. Pablo Olivares Associate Professor, Interim Math Program Director, Financial Mathematics ENG228 6971
Dr. Garnet Ord Associate Professor ENG222 6967
Dr. Jean-Paul Pascal Professor, On Sabbatical ENG227 4872
Dr. Pawel Pralat Associate Professor ENG237 7421
Dr. Katrin Rohlf Associate Professor ENG240 6976
Dr. Alexey Rubtsov Assistant Professor EPH419 2538
Dr. Kathleen Wilkie Assistant Professor VIC710 3560
Dr. Foivos Xanthos Assistant Professor ENG212 4868
Dr. Wei Xu Assistant Professor VIC709 3755
Dr. Na Yu Assistant Professor VIC707 NA

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Adjunct faculty

Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Dr. Eric Mendelsohn

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Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Dr. Majed Alqasas Instructor EPH442C 4657
Dr. Leul Fisseha Instructor EPH442B 2874
Dr. Soheil Homayouni Instructor VIC703 3811
Dr. Nara Jung Instructor EPH442C 4657
Dr. MD Abdur Rahman Instructor VIC703 3811
Dr. Saeid Samiezadeh Instructor VIC703 3811
Dr. Alireza Sayyidmousavi Instructor VIC703 3811
Dr. Changping Wang Instructor VIC703 3811

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Dr. Suzan Farhang Sardroodi Postdoctoral Fellow VIC713 NA
Dr. Melissa Huggan Postdoctoral Fellow VIC713 NA
Dr. Trent Marbach Postdoctoral Fellow VIC721 NA

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Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Luisa Chan Administrative Assistant ENG220 6966
Teresa Lee Graduate program Administrator ENG213 4867
Steve Kanellis IT Specialist EPH420 4235
Kathy Peter Departmental Assistant ENG215 5079

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