The Thesis is deemed to be a course and when completed, shall be designated Pass/Fail.  The Master's student will be registered in the Thesis when he/she is ready to commence work on the Thesis.  A student with satisfactory performance (as recorded on the Progress Report) will continue in the course with "IP" (in progress) on their grade report every term.  A student with unsatisfactory performance during the term will be assigned a grade of "UNS" on their Thesis.  A second unsatisfactory term will result in a performance designation of "F" (fail)  and the student will be withdrawn from the program.

Major Research Paper (MRP)

The Major Research Paper requires the completion of a research paper; the project selected must have the consent of the supervisor who will have the responsibility of guiding the student throughout the project. The paper should present a substantial amount of work reflecting a detailed understanding of the material. The student must submit the completed work to an Examination Committee who will evaluate the written work and an oral presentation in a Departmental seminar. Milestone Pass/Fail

Students must prepare their thesis or MRP in accordance with the Yeates School of Graduate Studies  Thesis, MRP and Dissertation Requirements document.

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