Past Graduates

Name Supervisor Thesis Title First Employment
Adhikari, Bhai K Pascal, Jean-Paul Rohlf, Katrin Flow Through A Tube With A Porous Wall (2014) Data not available
Akhter, Tahmina Rohlf, Katrin Role of compressibility and slip in blood flow through a local constriction (2012) PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Ao, Julie Escobar, Marcos Higher Dimensional Probability of Default in Structural Models (2016) Data not available
Ashena, Atousa Lan, Kunquan Modified Holling-Tanner System and Allee Effect with Harvesting Rate (2013) Data not available
Assadihaghi, Atousa Alvarez, Alexander Pricing and Risk Management under Multivariate Switching Models (2016) Financial Modelling (price optimization), Bombardier
Azadeh, Aram Lan, Kunquan Dynamic Behavior of a Nonlinear Macro-financial System (2014) Math Tutor, Tutor Doctor
Baird, William Bonato, Anthony Cops and robbers on graphs and hypergraphs (2011) Software Engineer, Rogers Communications
Bavaghar-Zaeimi, Fatemeh Bonato, Anthony Ilie, Silvana Analysis of Protein Interactions: Kinetics and Network Structure (2013) Clinical Research Assistant, Mount Sinai Hospital
Boatemaa, Selina Ilie, Silvana Avoiding Negative Population Numbers In Discrete Stochastic Models Of Biochemical Kinetics (2013) Data not available
Cane, Matthew Marcus Escobar-Anel Olivares, Pablo Multidimensional jump processes in finance (2011) Risk management specialist, Bank of Montreal
DeClerico, Matthew Rohlf, Katrin Modelling Compressible Blood Flow with Slip In a Constricted Rectangular Flow Domain (2015) Analyst, Strategic Analytics and Modelling, Deloitte
Dennis, Christopher Danziger, Peter Error Locating: Degree Constraints (2016) Data not available
Doan, Thi Doan Lan, Kunquan Phase portraits of an epidemic model with incident rates (2012) Junior/Intermediate Consecutive Pre-service Program at York University
Ellaban, Eglal Pascal, Jean-Paul Instability of a binary liquid film flowing down a slippery inclined heated plate (2016) PhD, UOIT
Emenogu, Ugochi Olivares, Pablo Modeling HF indices with stochastic differential equations (2012) PhD, Economics, Ryerson University
Fleck, Andrew Ferrando, Sebastian Trajectory based market models with operational assumptions (2016) PhD, York University
Firmino-Lunda, Flavio Pascal, Jean-Paul The Effects of Surfactant Solubility and Concentration-Dependant Fluid Density on the Stability of Inclined Thin Film Flows (2016) Rail Vehicle Analyzer, TTC
Gassoumov, Farid Ilie, Silvana Accurate Parametric Sensitivity of Stochastic Biochemical (2015) PhD, Mathematics, York University
Gholami, Samaneh Ilie, Silvana Sensitivity analysis for stochastic continuous models of biochemical systems (2012) PhD, Applied Mathematics, York University
Gonputh, Neil Pascal, Jean-Paul Heated film flow with temperature dependent fluid properties (2011) Business Analyst, University of Toronto
Habte, Aklilu Delic, Dejan Constraint Satisfaction Problems in the Logic LFP + Rank (2015) Data not available
Haidar, Ali Bonato, Anthony Variants of the game of cops and robbers (2012) PhD, Mathematics, University of Ottawa
He, Zhu Emma Ferrando, Sebastian Escobar-Anel, Marcos Dependence structure analysis of hedge funds styles (2011) Risk Analyst, First Auto Finance Co. (China
Hernandez, Julio Escobar-Anel, Marcos Upper Bounds for Pricing Errors (2013) PhD, Mathematics, University of Toronto
Hoti, Marvin Lan, Kunquan Phase Portraits Of Sir Epidemic Models With Vertical Transmissions And Linear Treatment (2017) PhD, UOIT
Javed, Muhammad Tariq Burgess, Andrea Danziger, Peter Cycle Decompositions Of Complete Graphs (2013) PhD, Computer Science, Ryerson University
Joshi, Bimala Kumar Lan, Kunquan Modified Holling-Tanner method (2013) Customer Service Representative, RBC
Kafle, Ramesh Lan, Kunquan Predator-Prey models of Holling Tanner types with harvesting rates (2013) Data not available
Kandel, Hom Nath Pascal, Jean-Paul Instability of inclined fluid-film flow with substrate filtration (2014) PhD, Mathematics and Statistics, York University
Khalid, Nida Lan, Kunquan Bifurcations In A Mathematical Economical Model (2014) TA at Ryerson University
Klyueva, Ekaterina Olivares, Pablo Pricing and Hedging Tools for Spread Option Contracts (2014) Risk analyst, Equitable Bank, Toronto
Krikorian, Tamar Danziger, Peter Order covering arrays (2011) PhD, Mathematics, Carleton University
Kunwar, Pradeep Rohlf, Katrin Shear viscosity calculation for particle-based flow (2014) MSc, University of Toronto
Limbu,Chanda Ilie, Silvana Lan, Kunquan A predator-prey model in deterministic and stochastic environments (2012) Mathematics Teacher in Private High School
Lozier, Marc Bonato, Anthony Domination Number Within On-line Social Networks (2015) Data not available
Mbaka Muzala, Muhanda Stella Danziger, Peter Delic, Dejan Constraint satisfaction problems and their reduction to directed graphs (2012) TELUS, Toronto
Mc Inerney, FIonn Bonato, Anthony Wall Cops and Robbers (2015) PhD, Universite Nice
Meger, Erin Bonato, Anthony Cops, Robbers, and Barricades (2016) MSc-PhD transition, Waterloo
Miaad, Alqurashi Olivares, Pablo Multivariate GARCH Models with Application to Risk Management in Energy Markets (2013) PhD Student, University College Cork, Ireland
Morshed, Monjur Ile, Silvana Derivative-free methods for stochastic models of biochemical kinetics (2013) PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
Ngo, Phuc Lan, Kunquan Bifurcation Analysis Of An Sir Epidemic Model With Saturated Treatment Function (2017) Data not available
Nicholls, Nolan Ferrando, Sebastian Hedging Options with an Illiquid Underlying and Non-Probabilistic Option Pricing in Practice (2016) Data not available
Padgett, Jill Ilie, Silvana Adaptive time-steeping in the numerical solution of the reaction-diffusion master equation (2015) Risk Management Associate, TD Bank
Prasal, Raju Ilie, Silvana Sensitivity Analysis for Stochastic Discrete Models of Biochemical Reactions (2013) Graduate studies, University of Western Ontario
Qiu, Yiqiao Ferrando, Sebastian Separable, Nonlinear Contribution of Risk Factors to Portfolio Risk (2013) Mutual fund accountant, CIBC Mellon, Toronto
Rabba, Salahaldeen Rohlf, Katrin Pressure Curves for Compressible Flow with Slip through Constricted Cylinders (2014) PhD, Electrical Engineering, Ryerson University
Rahnemaye Rehsepar, Seyedeh Ferrando, Sebastian Olivares, Pablo Hedging and pricing in non-probabilistic models with transaction costs (2011) Freelance consultant
Regmi, Laxmi Prasad Rohlf, Katrin Perturbation Solution of Poiseuille Flow with Varing Viscosity and Slip at Walls (2013) Teaching Assistant, Ryerson University
Rousskikh Serguei Ilie Silvana An efficient tau-leaping simulation method for stochastic biochemical kinetics (2017) Corporate Communications and Strategy, Rosatom
Samarikhalaj, Akram Ferrando, Sebastian Escobar-Anel, Marcus Non linear analysis of hedge funds returns (2011) PhD, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University
Sharma, Shivani Olivares, Pablo Pricing Spark Spread Options in Electricity Markets (2016) Analyst, Bond Brand Loyalty
Siddiqi, Waqar Olivares, Pablo Pricing Crack Spread Options Under Multivariate Normal Inverse Gaussian (NIG) ModelN (2013) PhD, Mathematics, Carleton University
Suarez, Ana Escobar-Anel, Marcus Olivares, Pablo Stochastic parameters in linear regressions (2011) Model validation analyst, TD Bank
Teslya, Alexandra Ilie, Silvana Adaptive methods for stochastic simulations of biochemical systems (2011) PhD, Mathematics, McMaster University
Tian, Yan Amanda Bonato, Anthony Models and mining of on-line social networks (2011) PhD, Applied Mathematics, York University
Wen, Xianzhang Ferrando, Sebastian Escobar-Anel, Marcus Pricing three dimensional barrier options (2011) Software engineer, TD Bank
Wu, Phoebe Ferrando, Sebastian Minimax Pricing of American Options (2014) Oracle Business Analyst at Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
You, Vivija Ping Bonato, Anthony Pralat, Pawel Distance k Cops and Robbers, and Graph Cleaning (2013) PhD, Economics, Ryerson University

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