The PhD program in Mathematical Modelling and Methods at Ryerson University began on September 2016.

Grounded in applied research, this collaborative program combines various mathematical modelling aspects of biomathematics, discrete mathematics and financial mathematics, and prepares highly skilled research scientists for careers in academia and industry. The program is distinguished by its close connections with industry partners and research institutes. Located in Canada’s largest metropolis, students can access major financial institutions, research hospitals and technology companies, as well as rewarding career opportunities in academia, financial institutions, hospital research laboratories and companies that analyze and use data as a business strategy.

This program consists of three main fields of study:

  1. Discrete Mathematics and Networks
  2. Financial Mathematics
  3. Biomathematics and Fluids

The requirements of the program consist of three (3) one-term elective courses, regular attendance of the doctoral student seminar, the candidacy exam with written and oral components and the thesis work, culminating in the oral defense of the doctoral thesis.