Office Space

The Department, together with the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, and Science is strongly committed to providing adequate office space within the George Vari Center for Engineering and Computing.

Computing Facilities

All students in our program will have access to computer labs to complete their assignments and research projects. Presently there are several computer laboratories in the Engineering and Computing building that are available to our students.

Library Resources

The Ryerson Library offers a full range of services to the Ryerson community and will work closely with faculty and students in the program to ensure that their learning and teaching needs are met. The library collection is constantly expanding and titles which are currently not in the library catalog are generally easily available through the RACER interlibrary loan system.


University residence accommodation is only available to Ryerson undergraduate students. However, the Housing Office is a good source of information on the off-campus accommodation as well. Generally, local newspapers, such as Toronto Star are a good starting point when looking for a place to live in Toronto.