General forms for the Yeates School of Graduate Studies can be found in the main forms page.

Program Specific Forms and Guidelines

  • Guidelines to Scheduling Defence Form
  • Course Action Request Form
  • Directed Studies Request Form
  • MSc Program of Study Form
  • MSc Progress Report Form
  • PhD Program of Study Form
  • PhD Progress Report Form
  • PhD Candidacy Exam Guidelines Form
  • PhD Candidacy Exam Scheduling Request Form
  • PhD Directed Studies Request Form Form
  • Checklist of Expectations for Graduate Student and Supervisor Form
  • Report of the Candidacy Examining CommitteeForm

Thesis Forms

  • Oral/Examination/Defense Schedule Request Form
  • Report of the Oral Examining Committee Form
  • For a list of MSc forms that are needed at one time or another, by students or supervisors click here

Term Course Selection Form is used by the Graduate Program administrator to register students in their courses each term. The Graduate Program Administrator will send the form out via email to current students and then will post it online.

Course Action Request Form is used by the student to request a change in course selection; to add or drop a course after the course selection form is submitted.

Directed Studies Request Form is used when a student is requesting to take the Directed Studies Course AM8209.

Program of Study Form establishes the student's plan of courses and research which the student will follow in completing the Master's Degree. This IS NOT a course registration form.

Progress Report Form is used to maintain a record of the student's progress and to assign a term performance designation to the Master's Seminar and to the Thesis/MRP. A progress report is due at the beginning of the every term, to report on the progress of the previous term.

Checklist of Expectations for Graduate Student and Supervisor Form is used to confirm who the student's supervisor is and to ensure that both student and supervisor are aware of the expectations and responsibilities of each role.

Oral Examination / Defense Schedule Request Form is used to request the Schedule of an Oral Exam for a student who is ready to defend his/her Thesis or MRP. Submitted by the Supervisor to the Graduate Program Administrator.

Report of the Oral Examining Committee Form is used to report on the final decision of the oral examining committee. Submitted by the Chair of the examining committee to the Graduate Program Administrator.

For deadline dates for the above forms please see significant dates.