Faculty members

Profile Position Location Ext. Email
Dr. Sebastian Ferrando Professor ENG235 7415
Dr. Pablo Olivares Associate Professor ENG228 6971
Dr. Foivos Xanthos Assistant Professor ENG212 4868

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Postdocs and Graduate students

Profile Position Location Email
Massoomeh Rahsepar PhD candidate EPH442
Jabbari Alamdasht Master student EPH442
Andrew Na Master student EPH442
Alex Thomas Master student EPH442

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Recent Alumni

Profile Title Supervisor Current position
Atousa AssadiHaghi MSc in Applied Mathematics (2016): Pricing and risk management under multivariate switching models Dr. Alexander Alvarez Member of the Financial Modeling Group at Canadian Tire.
Andrew Fleck MSc in Applied Mathematics (2016): Trajectory Based Market Models with Operational Assumptions Dr. Sebastian Ferrando PhD candidate at York University.
Nolan Nicholls MSc in Applied Mathematics (2016): Hedging with Untradeable Assets and Non-Probabilistic Option Pricing in Practice Dr. Sebastian Ferrando
Sharma Shivani MSc in Applied Mathematics (2016): Pricing Spark Spread Options in Electricity Markets Dr. Pablo Olivares Research Analyst at Bond Brand Loyalty.

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